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The Cedar Inn

Fort Gibson, OK

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Looking for a nice, affordable motel in Fort Gibson, OK? You’ve come to the right place. At The Cedar Inn, you’ll have all that you need when you are away from home. With over 20 years of experience, we’ll serve you in the best possible way so as to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.


That’s not all; we offer low rates, weekly rates and a host of services and amenities. Our outstanding maid service will keep your room fresh, clean and comfortable.


If you are planning on staying for an extended period of time, we invite you to take advantage of our weekly rates. Whether you're away on business, vacation with the family or need a room for a night or for a few weeks, you’ll receive affordable rates, discounts and great customer service when you stay with us.

Stay at our reasonably priced motel rooms

Quality amenities to keep you comfortable

  • Microwave and refrigerator

  • High-speed internet and TV

  • Maid service

  • Air Conditioning

  • Secure parking

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Laundry area and ice machine available


Call us today to rent our motel rooms. We have weekly corporate rates available:


Relaxing motel rooms for your beauty rest